Media Intelligence

Predict where the market is heading …

The media is a strong predictor of sales outcomes and trends. For those that value the influence of media to the buying public, we provide interactive media intelligence reports of comparable brands and their competing products. Our reports are valuable as they are strong predictors on how a product will perform in the market based on media exposure.

Our media intelligence reports will allow your PR department or agency to align its strategies closer to your competitors, take a tactical approach against your competitors and understand the media landscape better. With media intelligence our reports, clients discover how a product and competing product’s success, failures, strengths and imbalances in the media that can affect the purchasing decisions of the buying public in months to come.

Industry level media monitoring

Often PR practitioners report on how great a brand is being reported in the media without a specific analysis to media exposures against competing brands. Clearwater Communications monitors, analyses and reports on media exposure of industry specific competing brands and products. Our intelligence reports provide clients with eye-opening yet critical information on how their brand and competing brands are perceived, reported and talked about in the media.

Our analyst team

The Clearwater analyst team provides impartial Media and Online Retail Intelligence Reports relevant to your industry. Our goal is to present you with a deeper and wider knowledge of the media coverage specific to your work. We accomplish this using the latest online technologies for tracking and analytics combined with manual searching and analysis. Unlike other companies, we have a team of people behind our reports assessing all data to ensure the highest level of accuracy and personalisation.